Ambient classrooms
Every classroom is digitally equipped & designed to create a happy, inviting atmosphere for the young tots.
ANANDA - The joy of learning
SSIS Early Childhood Program that inspires curiosity, independence and a life long love for learning - simply put children here ‘Learn by doing’.
After school care
Motherly care & educational activities to keep the children engaged even after school. Our after-school care program ensures our children are productively engaged post their school hours.

A Few Words About SSIS Preschool

Welcome to the new era of early childhood education. At SSIS Preschool, every young child is given an opportunity to grow playfully and develop in a way that children learn best. Our mission is to provide affordable, high quality early childhood education and care for every child in the region.

We strive to realize your child's boundless potential and lead them to be successful kids of tomorrow. We ensure that, every aspect of our curriculum, teaching methods and  an ambient infrastructure encourage the child to actively think, explore and be creative on the path to self-discovery.

We, are committed to providing a solid and broad foundation for lifelong love of learning and wellbeing. The preschool guarantees visible progress in your child's overall development.



A Specially designed SSIS Curriculum

ANANDA is an Early Childhood Program incorportaed by SSIS especialy for the young and fresh new minds of our Kindergartners. It is designed to inspire curiosity, independence and a life long love for learning.

Simply put children at SSIS - ‘Learn by doing’.

SSIS Preschool A learning paradise

Digitally equipped classrooms

Attractive classrooms, decorated with nature themes - the classrooms are just where our pre-schoolers want to be. Digital boards and theatre rooms keep the children actively engaged in the most innovative way of learning.

Indoor/Outdoor play area

SSIS Pre-school has an extensive park area and everyday, the children are compulsarily pushed to splurge in the joy of outdoor activities. Play products include swings, slides, see-saws, sand-pits and shaded play spaces and indoor trampolines.

Age-appropriate library

Story time is one of the favourite times of a pre-schoolers day. The school has an exhaustive list of the best short story books specially for the kindergarteners.

A talking tree to satisfy the curious young minds

Using audio–visual aids, Mr. Dudu - our Robo-tree aims to bring alive the stories, introduce new concepts and ideas to your child.
The tree has proven to be particularly useful for shy and slow learners. He answers every question impartially and patiently, and takes away the child’s fear of asking the teachers.

Child-friendly resources

Ready as well as self-made teaching aids to promote age-appropriate understanding of concepts. Emphasis no meaningful learning rather than rote learning.

CCTV cameras in every classroom and corridors

Safety and security of our kindergartners is a very important aspect. SSIS Preschoool has taken all measures to ensure the child is safe and monitored from the time they enter the campus to the time they reach the safety of their homes.

Play is the work
of a child

and we encourage every young child to come out their shells and participate in the many celebrations hosted by the school. From monthly colour days to a leafy snack day and a national event day to a cultural Utsav, every child of SSIS Preschool is an active and conscious participant.

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About the

Our qualified teachers have a passion for teaching and learning and are handpicked for every class. Of the many important criteria that we look for in our teachers, excellence in teaching remains foremost.

SSIS Preschool is very particular about the student teacher ratio with an intensive effort to provide students with one-on-one teaching opportunities and best education possible.

Our student-teacher ratio is 1:12, to ensure that every child is heard!

Admission Open 2021-22

Age Criteria

2 years 5 months
(NA this year due to Covid)
3 years 5 months 4 years 5 months


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School Events and Activities

An array of events and activities all year round provide our students with a platform to showcase their skills, as well as keep them engaged and involved in many social events like sports, arts, services etc.

Events and activities for June
Events and activities for July
Events and activities for August
Events and activities for September
Events and activities for October
Events and activities for November
Events and activities for December
Events and activities for January
Events and activities for February

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School building might be closed, not the learning . . . Join your kids for a unique programe during covid period.

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